How To Create Your Own Fashion Style

What makes fashion fascinating is that it’s all about creative thinking. Somebody comes up with an idea that many people think is just wonderful. Often, this creativity is expressed by professional designers who work for the big fashion houses.

These ideas are then popularized by celebrities who wear it at a gala event. One reason people copy celeb fashion is that they have a keen appreciation for ingenious designs. 

However, it can also be an artistic experience to create your own style. Is it possible to find your own fashion style

Absolutely! Here are some guidelines to follow to spark some of your own inspiring looks:

#1. Start with accessories.

Instead of choosing your clothes and then deciding what will work in terms of accessories, stimulate your imagination by doing the opposite. Review websites that show you different types of hats and scarves. Next, consider sunglasses. Privé Revaux has some high-quality pictures to help you envision how handcrafted sunglasses complete a certain debonair look for different types of attire. 

Finally, consider jewelry and shoes. After you’ve got a broad idea of your overall look, now it’s time to decide on what outfits go with your accessories!

#2. Choose your clothes.

When it comes to clothes, there are two simple ideas to keep in mind—color and shape.

1. Colors: 

What colors do you look good in? Try out different colors to see what you think you look good in. Forget conventional ideas about what color of clothes goes with different hair color. Instead, discover everything for yourself. Go shopping with your friends, try out different colors, and get some idea about your best colors.

2. Shapes: 

Your clothes should suit your shape, which is determined by your body type. Based on a study of more than 6,000 women, The Shop your Shape website has developed a body shape guide as well as a body shape calculator. This might prove useful when you’re trying to figure out the best choice of clothes to embrace your shape.

#3. Mix and match different styles.

By reviewing some fashion websites, you can get some idea of what you like and don’t like in the world of fashion. Fashion you’ll find is a little like philosophy--it has many different schools of thought. For instance, there’s trendy, casual, exotic, vibrant, preppy, elegant, and Bohemian. Each one approaches fashion from a different point of view. 

Once you’ve got a sense of their core concepts on what constitutes good fashion sense, use this as a way to springboard your own eclectic fashion

In other words, mix it up a little. Borrowing from the trendy school of thought, you can make sure that you’re wearing something that is popular right now, but, by also adding an item of clothing that no-one has ever seen before; you are borrowing from the exotic school of thought. 

For instance, if an all-black outfit is trending, you can mix it up with some East Indian jewelry to add a bold, eye-catching touch to your outfit. Thus, by mixing and matching from different fashion styles, you’ll create something unique, a synthesis of styles.

#4. Get feedback on social media.

While you got some feedback from family and friends when you went on your shopping trips, you’ve only got a small sample size, and many of the people in this group have a biased opinion, believing that you look good in anything. 

So, to get a bigger sample size, take pictures of yourself wearing different outfits and post it on social media platforms. Ask your online friends and followers for their honest opinion.

#5. Keep on researching styles.

The nicest thing about this quest to develop your own style is that the more you learn, the more creative ideas occur to you. This quest to learn more can be fun in itself. 

One good place to get inspiring ideas is Pinterest, where you can see a wide variety of fashion infographics and pictures that will spark innovative ideas.

Fashion Memes

Katherine Hepburn was the first woman to wear pantsuits. While most women were wearing chunky, high-heeled shoes, Audrey Hepburn made kitten heels popular. Who knows, you might accidentally end up creating a fashion meme, too.

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