Tips To Help You Find Your Very Own Fashion Style

Tips To Help You Find Your Very Own Fashion Style - Everyone has his/her unique style but personal style is definitely elusive. It constantly evolves and in many cases, people do not really know how to actually find something that matches both personalities and looks great. You always want to be sure you are going to think about the following facts in all that you do to find a great style that is perfect for you.

#1: Find the Style Icons You Want To Follow

It is quite difficult to find just one style icon that you love and that you want to be like. You will surely find some that will be appealing to you. Because of this, we recommend that you look on Pinterest for style icons. Simply save those images that you really like. It does not matter if you see premium yoga clothes or little black dresses. Save those images for future inspiration.

#2: Label the Images

Look at the inspiration photos and do not focus on the names. You want to be focused on the actual outfits. Describe the outfits with some words. Are the clothes/outfits edgy, classics, bohemian or ladylike? Use some words that would feel true for you, for the style that you want to develop. Define your future looks based exactly on what you find as being really appealing. 

#3: Settle On the Looks You Really Love

There are surely some moments when you are really happy with how you dressed. You simply love the style and you want to repeat it. The recommendation is to take a picture when you feel you look great. That will help in the future as the outfits will epitomize the true personal fashion style you have. Spin-off outfits can be inspired by these images.

#4: The Repeat Offenders

There are surely some clothes that you have more of in your closet. You just keep buying the clothes over and over again as you feel really comfortable and happy when you wear them. These are the sweet spots of your style. When items are flattering and look great, the repeat offenders can actually be repeated. They can become a huge part of your own signature. 

#5: Look At the Odd Pieces That Stand Out

Analyze the entire closet and see what simply does not fit your overall vibe. These items are basically the outliers. These odd pieces are basically items that you do like but you do not really want to try yet. When you want to try something that is new or you try to evolve the style, you can look at the pieces and see them as aspirational fashion items.

#6: Focus On Personal Strengths

Getting feedback is naturally what will help you out the most since it highlights what you want to focus on. People will tend to compliment you and you see some compliments that will keep repeating. It may be the hourglass figure and it’s toned back. It may be a type of clothes. Think about using what helps you out the most in making you stand out. The pieces that flatter you are the ones that make up your personal fashion style.

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