Five Fashion Things Country Music Fans Have in Common

Five Things Country Music Fashion Fans Have in Common

Country Fashion music is growing in popularity. In fact, more and more households across the country consider it a regular sound in their homes. Ten years ago, this was unlikely. However, since today’s country fashion music stars play upbeat music that appeals to a larger audience, the genre has a growing fan base. This has led more people to purchase exotic skin boots and cowboy hats. In addition, country concerts are selling in cities everywhere. To better understand the fans that make up this growing movement, learn more about five things they have in common below.

1 - They Like Fashion to Drink Beer

Nearly every country music fashion fan is also a fan of drinking beer. If you listen to the lyrics of some of the songs on the radio, then you know that it promotes having a good time and drinking a few glasses of beer. In fact, Toby Keith even started a chain of bars to go along with his popular hit song, “I Love This Bar.”  These bars are very successful. Fans come to listen to great music, eat, and drink.

2 - They Love Fashion in Nashville

Many country music fashion fans have a fascination with Nashville. This is the home of country music. It is where the Grand Ole Opry is located. This is where many of today’s most famous stars got their start. Today, many stars return to the Opry for special performances. Nashville also has several recording studios and producers. Therefore, a lot of singers and songwriters live in the area. It is no wonder that many people consider the area to be the Hollywood of country music fashion.

3 - They Love Tim McGraw

Although there are many musicians who have received acclaim from fans, Tim McGraw is one of the most popular. He is particularly likeable among new country fans. Tim’s musical talent and entertainment on the stage are the main reasons so many people love him. However, it doesn’t hurt that Taylor Swift wrote a song about him.

4 - They Are Fashion Romantics

Country music fashion fans love to listen to romantic songs that sing about true love or the hope of a better day. These lyrics provide them with hope when times are tough. For example, during a bad breakup, a woman might be able to heal as she listens to Keith Urban’s song “You’ll Think of Me.”  When a man is trying to get up the courage to propose to the girl of his dreams, he might be motivated by Brad Paisley’s song, “Then.” 

5 - They Appreciate Fashion Music

Finally, country fans appreciate good music. Most country singers play with live bands. When they record, they have a lot of instruments in the background. The music they play is less technically altered and more like the rock and roll that people loved during the 70s. Even if the musician is simply strumming a guitar, it is nice to see him playing an instrument.

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