Neckties, New York City's Fastest Growing Fashion Style

Neckties, New York City's Fastest Growing Fashion Style

New York City is the heart of the fashion industry. You either make it or you don't. There are so many different new fashion trends coming out every single day, not many people can keep up with. As you know, formal fashion is a big part of New York City. You have Wall Street, all the investment banking firms, the biggest department stores that set the fashion industry standards high. If you are thinking of getting some new fashion trends, you're a businessman and you need some NY fashion tips. Keep reading this interesting article and tell yourself if you are in or out of the trends. 

Biggest fashion accessories of them all would be neckties. Everyone loves purchasing various neckties for sale in the Big Apple. Various advertising agency indicate that neckties are the new growing fashion trend in New York City. Look at Justin Timberlake, Adam Brody or any other youthful actor who doesn't work in an office setting requiring formal fashion. Men in their 20's and 30's have been playing out the necktie trend in the past couple years, and neckties are a fast growing fashion accessory. Sales for neckties for young men are up 13% to a $350 million market. 

Many people are wondering why neckties are the biggest new fashion trends for young men. It could be that it creates a successful look and young people embraced that look from movies such as "Wall Street" or the "Boiler Room". In the mind of many young men, formal wear including a necktie, indicates success. "To be successful, you have to look successful." Coming out of many of the young generation. Todays young men have brought back such an old fashion trend, and it is a positive feeling among the fashion trending markets. Knowing that a piece of cloth worn around your neck, can generate hundreds of millions of dollars in sales.

Skinny neckties, Extra-long neckties, wool, cashmere, cotton, and even polyester are the neckties of choice for todays generation. But really, neckties show a certain character in someone and tell a lot. They're also a good conversation piece if you are wearing a trendy or unique necktie. In trending, I mean an Alexander Mcqueen necktie from Barneys, which runs up to $185 per necktie. Or an interesting tie, which would be a cheap $10, polyester, gambling and cards tie. Really something where anyone might have an interest or passion, could be a conversational piece, thus, creating a friendship.


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