Sunglasses in Winter with your Summer Clothes 2014

Don’t Keep Away your Sunglasses in Winter with your Summer Clothes 2014

The season has changed from summer to winter, and it is the right time to put away lots of items from your wardrobe you do not need for this winter season. Most of the people keep their sunglasses into their wardrobe because they believe that sunglasses are only for summer and spring seasons only. But, it is not true as sunglasses are a significant winter accessory because your eyes can be damaged in winter from ultraviolet rays, dust, harsh winter light, or other things as well. Therefore, wearing sunglasses in winter is also important, except the temperature, the other reasons are same as summer.

Some of the major reasons to wear sunglasses in winter are as follows:

⦁    In winter, the snow acts as a huge reflector for the sun and can be blinded during the day. If you are driving in an extremely bright weather in the winter season without wearing sunglasses can be dangerous. Therefore, you must keep a pair of branded eyeglasses all the time.

⦁    During winter, the sharp cold can be vicious so protecting your eyes from this biting cold you need to wear glasses. By wearing glasses in this cold season, you will not only look stylish or fashionable but will be able to protect your sensitive eye from any danger as well.

⦁    Stable exposure to UV rays can damage your eye sights. If you live out more than inside the home, particularly in the day time, then your eyes are at high risk of the harmful rays of the sun. Hence, wear glasses if want to see the beautiful world for long time.

⦁    Dust and dirt can get into our eyes and affect your vision. However, sunglasses act as a barrier to protect your eyes from such natural elements. There are several brands that feature lenses that keep away dust.

⦁    If you play outdoor sports in winter, then your eyes are at risk for snow blindness or photokeratitis because snow reflects more UV radiation than any other surface.

Always make sure that when buying a pair of sunglasses that UVB and UVA tag must be attached and any other important information to show the coatings. suggests “do not purchase sunglasses if such information’s are missing from the attached tag because they are not save to use. If you are purchasing for your children, then always buy branded sunglasses for them because kids usually spend more time outside in playing games or doing other activities.” Polycarbonate lenses ate the best options as they are light in weight as well as are proof against shattering.

Wrap-around sunglasses are the best in winter season because they provide little more protection in compare to other types of glasses at the corner of our eyes (from bright and piercing winter light) with wide lens and frame. Wear light tinted glasses in cloudy and dull conditions while dark tinted in bright, sunny, winter days sunglasses to reduce the brightness. If you want an all round kind shade, then grey is a good choice because it reduces brightness, provides contrast, and you will see colors as they are naturally.

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