Trendy Hairstyles for Winter Holidays

Trendy Hairstyles for Winter Holidays

As the holiday season approaches, the popular hairstyles of summer and fall begin to dwindle, being replaced by the trendy styles of winter. Learn which styles will be best suited for you this winter, and how they have changed from last season. Be on top of the best styles before the worst of winter hits.

Kid’s style

It can be difficult to get your kid’s hairstyle just right, especially when all they want to do is run out and play in the snow, building snowmen and having snowball fights. But there are a few styles that are easier to manage, and a few that should be reserved for special occasions. 

For those holiday parties, use a curling iron with a small barrel to create tight curls for your daughter. She will feel like a princess with this style complimented by a bow and a holiday dress. Clip the hair in the front or the bangs back on each side to keep the hair out of the face. As kids usually jump around during these events, be sure to use an adequate amount of hairspray to keep it in place. 

The bun is becoming even more popular in adults and children, giving a classy look that is easy to accomplish. To accomplish this perfect winter updo, gather the hair into a higher ponytail than usual and wrap it with an elastic. Use a comb to make the ponytail seem thicker. To get a loose look, wrap the hair loosely around the center, and secure it with a bobby pin. Make sure to use plenty of hairspray to ensure this style stays put. 

Your own hair

Once you’ve finished doing your kid’s hair into the perfect winter style, it’s time to start worrying about your own. Although the cold has you bundled up for the time, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your hair full out for your holiday parties. Here are a few of the best trendy winter styles for your hair.

If you’re willing to go short, the pixie cut, inspired by Anne Hathaway’s cut just last year, is a perfect winter style. This cut is easy to manage, and looks great on its own, or under a stylish hat. Be sure that if you do wear a hat, you wear enough makeup to make your eyes really pop without long locks to compliment the style.

Consider adding layers to your locks to get a fuller look, even in the biting cold. For longer hair this will give better texture, and assist in blending the highlighted colors of your hair. For those who have gone with a darker color for the fall and winter season, this will be the best way to keep your hair looking fuller longer.

This winter, consider changing your hairstyle up to fit with the up and coming trends. Don’t be afraid to try new styles, for yourself as well as for your kids. You will be shocked to see what a little work will do for your hair, and how it can completely change your style this holiday season.

By +Cassie Costner

Cassie writes for Taylor Andrews, one of the best esthetician schools in Utah, on the changing hairstyle trends, and how to adapt this season. She has written on other holiday topics, including the best meals to serve, holiday games, and traveling during the season.

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