Popular Trends with Military Style Clothing for Men and Women

Popular Trends with Military Style Clothing for Men and Women 

Love military style clothing? Learn about some popular trends that men and women are using to flaunt their favorite threads. 

Fashion trends do tend to come and go as such is the nature of this always evolving industry. One style and trend that’s kept on pretty strong since the early 90s – when the first Gulf War began – are military style clothing and outfits. Made popular, at least in part, by the televising of the combat scenarios that involved U.S. troops pitted against Iraqi regulars, a lot of people hopped on board with this stylish new garb trend. Some people enjoy wearing this clothing simply because they find it to be appealing to their tastes, whereas others may be veterans, and yet others may be family members showing support for deployed loved ones. Learn more about some popular current styles of wearing this clothing for men and women in this article. 

Fatigues and A-line Tops
Fatigues derive their namesake because they are heavier cargo-styled pants that actually can make you sweat when wearing full combat attire. The average soldier carries many pounds of weight when they are outfitted for combat, hence the name of fatigues. Popular camouflaged cargo pants can be found in countless local and online stores. They pair perfectly with a military styled a-line top, an outfit selection that works for both men and women.

Combat Boots Are Forever
Combat boots are well designed shoes that can last you many years when properly cared for. They take a while to break in, but that’s part of the process of ownership. Combat boots are forever going to remain popular in fashion because of their unique cut and their various applications. For example, they can be worn as just boots, work boots, fishing boots, hunting boots and so forth.

A very popular accessory for your wardrobe today when seeking military style clothing are skullcaps, which are commonly also called handkerchiefs. These are tied tightly around the head and can be fitted to your noggin in a number of different manners to achieve the desired style. They work great for a variety of outfits and are unisex. 

Military styled vests will always command a strong attraction and popularity factor in modern apparel. These vests can range in style, pattern and cut and are made for men and women. Such vests are commonly used to add some accent and flare to the given outfit being worn.

Commando Sweaters
Commando sweaters are a bit newer, in the sense that brand name companies are finally making them to appeal to consumer demand. These tighter-fitting sweaters can really stamp out the cold during the heart of winter, and are equally available in men’s and women’s styles at a wide assortment of stores. 

The aforementioned are but a few examples of how military style clothing has gained in popularity during the present day. Telling of this notion, a quick online search will yield to you countless results. For those who appreciate this style of fashion, they’ve never had more wonderful wardrobe options than they do today, and are able to easily find a variety of styles at local or online stores with ease.

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