Be Cautious on Money Spent While Buying Cheap Jewelry Online

Be Cautious on Money Spent While Buying Cheap Jewelry Online

If you are looking for cheap jewellery put on sale in the market, chances are that you’ll go through classified websites and marketplaces on the web. Websites like eBay, Craiglist, Backpage and Oodle are popular bases for the dark horses. Even though you can score an incredible deal on inexpensive and affordable jewellery, you are advised to maintain great caution. Unfortunately, frauds and scammers send out online classifieds quite frequently for victims. Given below are some incredible suggestions to help you make your purchases in a safe manner:

1.  Get yourself acquainted with common scams on jewellery:

A superior level of armament is to get acquainted with common scams linked to jewellery that are found on the web. A seller on the web says that he has an item which he wants to sell, like a vintage engagement ring. Even though local, such a seller is on a holiday. You now need to send the cash by mail or wire transfer. The fact of the matter; however, is that they possess no item for sale. It’s a case of fake listing. Also, you will come across sellers who simply lie intentionally. They can say that they have a diamond ring for sale; however, the diamond may be a fake one.

2.   Avoid sending cash by wire transfer or mail:

It’s perfectly fine to pay for an inexpensive or a pricey jewellery piece with in person, but stay away from sending it via mail. Never fall for the common scam which says, “I’m on a holiday, so kindly send me the money via wire transfer.” In case you come across an inexpensive jewellery piece that has been put up for sale, try to meet the seller in person in order to have a look at the item and then decide to pay with cheque, cash or money order.

3.  Carry out a professional analysis:

If you are purchasing a necklace worth $20 from Craiglist, then inspection would not be required. However, if you buy an engagement ring for $80 or even more, you are advised to inspect it thoroughly. You can tell the jeweler to meet you at your chosen jeweler. For a very small and tolerable fee, you can assign someone to carry out a cautious inspection. This tiny fee is worth spending considering the fact that the $300 diamond ring which was up for sale was really a fake one.

4.  Do not agree to purchase upfront:

Remember to act fast while purchasing cheap jewellery that has been put up for sale. If you are slow, another client may appear from nowhere and snag your favorite piece. You are advised to maintain caution expensive jewellery pieces. Do not purchase upfront or even pay upfront. Whether you inspect the jewellery item on your own or assign some professional to carry out the task, make arrangements to have a proper look at the item.

5.  Maintain physical safety:

The probability of this taking place is rare but you are advised to maintain caution. Criminals or frauds will set up fraudulent sales on the web. Think that you want to purchase a diamond ring for $300. Now you’ll surely show up with $ 300 in cash. The possible of becoming a victim to an unexpected theft exists. In order to fight this event, you are advised not to carry huge amounts in cash. Select a location that is well-populated and never go alone.

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