Milan Fashion Week 2013

Milan Fashion Week 2013

Milan Fashion is the month of our street chic to find the cities of most stylish by street catwalk. There is a cold sense of style in New York with brands of young fashion designer vintage in London. 

THROUGHOUT design month our road chic snapper has been taking to the avenues of every catwalk capital to discover the urban areas' most beautiful -so far we've perceived how to wrap up wide open to the harshe elements and hold a feeling of style in New York, to blending youthful fashioner marks with vintage finds in London. 

Onto Milan -home to design houses that overflow with legacy -and as dependably the city didn't disillusion in the style stakes. In spite of the fact that there was a domination quieted color palette, maybe to reflect the light black winter skies, there was still the incidental sprinkle of gem toned colors -emerald, topaz blue and pink sapphire -and obviously a wealth of Italian architect names.


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