Top 10 best fashion week travel destinations for 2012

Top 10 best fashion week travel destinations for 2012

Where to go on holiday this year

Back to making holiday plans...

1. Cambodia

When you close your eyes and think of paradise, what do you see? An island hideaway, with white-sand beaches kissed by gin-clear waters? A place covered in virgin rainforest, bordered by tropical reefs?

If so, what you’re thinking of is Song Saa, a private island resort in Cambodia’s Koh Rong Archipelago in the Gulf of Thailand. Cambodia Tour and Holiday Packages

Need to know: Cambodians are used to shaking tourists’ hands in the Western fashion, but you’ll win points by pressing your hands together in prayer and bowing when you meet locals.
The best time to visit Cambodia is our winter, when it’s less humid, and while you can visit at any time of the year, it can get pretty hot and sticky from April to June.

If you want to treat yourself to a night or two at Song Saa after exploring the rest of the country, you can fly from Siem Reap, the gateway to Angkor Wat, in an hour, three times a week, for around £50.

2. Finland

One of the best spots to see the Lights is in northern Finland. There are a number of places to pick from, but we like Nellim, a tiny village not far from the Russian border. Its Wilderness Lodge is a great base, with expert local guides who are often able to predict when and where the displays are most likely. Click to Find Finland Cheap Holiday Packages Available

Need to know: The Aurora season, when the Lights appear almost every night, is from September to April.
Alternatively, you could book for the end of the year, as the 50-year high-point predicted by Nasa continues into next season.

3. North East Thailand

A great starting point to explore this area is Thailand’s first national park, the Khao Yai, just three hours from Bangkok. Within its 2,000sq km, you can search for evidence of the last remaining Asian tigers, as well as leopards, civets, black bears, elephants, and hundreds of bird species.

Need to know: In north eastern Thailand, you’ll be served a lot of sticky rice. Roll the rice between the fingers of your right hand, dip it in some sauce, and eat it without using cutlery or chopsticks.
The best time to see Thailand is November to February, as it’s relatively dry and not too hot.

4. Slovenia

Slovenia is the stealth European destination of 2012. Bordering Croatia to the east, with Austrian influences to the north, and Italian to the south west, Slovenia isn’t huge, but it punches above its weight in terms of attractions.

For us, this year is all about Maribor; not least because it’s the European Capital of Culture 2012.

Need to know: All visitors to Slovenia need to carry their passports with them – you can get fined if you don’t have it. And you’ll need to register with the police within three days of arriving. If you’re staying at a hotel, guesthouse or even a campsite, they will do that when you arrive.

5. Vienna

Rome is romantic, New York’s New York and you’ll always have Paris, but the city break for those in the know this year is none of the above. It’s Vienna. The Austrian capital is one of the most cultured cities in Europe, but this year will be even more special, as 2012 is the 150th anniversary of the birth of Viennese artist Gustav Klimt.

Need to know: The Klimt/Hoffmann exhibition runs at the Belvedere until 4 March. 150 Years Of Gustav Klimt is from 15 June–6 January 2013 ( Klimt Drawings runs at the Albertina from March 14–June 10 .

6. Oman

The Oman  area is famous for frankincense, as it’s one of the few places in the world where its trees grow. In-between, there are the Wahiba Sands, made famous by the explorer Wilfred Thesiger in the Forties, where you can stay in Bedouin-style tents, eating lamb on the campfire while you get neckache from gazing at stars, before taking in the rare Arabian Oryx antelope and camping on the beach on the Ras Madrakah peninsula.

Need to know: Oman is a Muslim country, so you will often be greeted with “As-salaam alaikum”, which means “Peace be with you”. The response is “Wa alaikum as-salaam”, which means “And with you peace.” Oman is coolest November to mid-March (19–30°C). The Khareef cools the south from mid June to late August (29–38°C). OMAN * including flights, B&B accommodation, some meals and a guide **for full terms and conditions go to

7. Panama

This year is a great time to visit Panama – the urban zones have been recently brought up to world-class city standards, but there are still nowhere like the tourist numbers you’ll find in neighbouring Costa Rica. Fly into Panama City then explore its split personality.

Need to know: Due to the revenue the Canal generates, Panama hasn’t had to rely on tourism and the lack of charter flights means tourists are less common – so you get a warm welcome when you make the effort to visit.

The dry season runs from December to April and is the best time to travel.

8. Ukraine

You may be aware by now that this summer, Poland and Ukraine host the European Championship. And you’ll either be excited by this impending feast of football, or rolling your eyes with indifference.

But modern football tournaments are far removed from the men-only image of European football in the Eighties. Huge fan zones spring up in city centres, with streets decked out in a rainbow of national colours.

Need to know: Euro 2012 runs from 8 June-1 July. The Ukrainians are a superstitious bunch – they consider yellow flowers to be bad luck, so never accept or give any when you’re in Kiev. And to really fit in, sit on your bags before you leave for the airport – it’s good luck, apparently.

9. Aisen, Chile
Patagonia is one of the most magnificent parts of the world. Its stark wilderness and bleak beauty is as breathtaking as any desert island, which is why southern Argentina is such a draw for tourists.
But a quarter of Patagonia is in Chile, yet hardly anyone, comparatively, goes there. And of the people who do venture to Chilean Patagonia, hardly anyone goes to Aisén.

Need to know: Summer runs from late October to March. Combine Patagonia with a trip to Easter Island, which sits in the Pacific, west of Chile.

10. Burma

Tourism to Burma was discouraged when the opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi was placed under house arrest by the brutal military dictatorship that runs the country.
Since her release, however, her party, the National League for Democracy, has stated that small-scale tourism would be beneficial.

Need to know: Burma can be a challenge, and the conditions for tourists are often unrefined. The best time to explore the whole country is November to March,
when it is dry and cool; although the north can still be visited from July to September.

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