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There are the increasingly popular twists, braids, weaves, cornrows & dreads that celebrate cultural styles & natural black hair textures which have the added benefit of being much simpler to maintain. In the event you are transitioning to a natural hair style from a chemical treated look, think about a straw set.

There are so plenty of techniques for black hairstyles today. Short, long, in braids, or with a weave, your hair has its own unique style, & it is your greatest accessory. The best black hair styles are designed to take advantage of black hair is unique characteristics. Black hair is more fragile than most, requiring tender, loving care. The follicles & hair shaft are tightly bowed, making a naturally curly or kinky texture. With less oil production, black hair also tends to become dry & basically knotted.

In a straw set, you use drinking straws or tiny perm rollers to wrap your hair in ringlets. Cornrow braiding, glues used to apply extensions, use of hair relaxers & other popular services may lead to hair & scalp issues. For females who favor Afros for a natural look, use of a pick to lift hair at its bushiest spots may cause destroy.

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