Long Weekends: How to Pack Shrewdly When You Jet Away

As we all know, we are well and truly in the age of the long weekend. Whether it's a city break abroad or on home soil, this is something that has come completely into fashion over the last few years and is showing no signs of slowing down.

One of the big conundrums when you jet, or drive, away on one of these trips is packing. Particularly if you are traveling by plane, there are obvious restrictions (and these restrictions seem to be getting tighter by the year).

This is where today's article comes in to the picture, as we now take a look at some of the best packing tips you can take into account when you venture away for a long weekend.

#1: Be shrewd with your shoe choices

As we have already alluded to, baggage restrictions are getting tighter by the year. This means that many of us are having to compromise on the items that we are packing, and shoes usually fall into this category.

They are bulky and take up far more space than we have, so a compromise has to be made. Heading out on a city break where walking is on the agenda? These Head Over Heels trainers will probably suit, and also save your feet from those pesky blisters.

What about a beach break? It's here where you will need something a little less bulky, and you might get away with slipping a pair of sandals in your bag.

Nevertheless, the point remains. Assess your trip and be ruthless with the footwear that you decide to take.

#2: Plastic bags are worth their weight in gold

OK, it's not the most fashionable item you will be taking with you, but trust us when we say that a plastic bag can be absolutely invaluable for your trip.

This is something that can hold chargers, jewelry and even toiletries. It's something that can act as a divider in your bag as well and particularly as you are most probably traveling with just the one main piece of luggage, this can make separating dirty laundry on the way back all the more easier.

#3: Plump for a plane outfit

We're not sure if this term exists in the fashion industry yet but if it doesn't, we are determined to make it happen.

In short, make sure you recycle the clothes that you travel in. Having two outfits, one for the outward trip and one for the return, is a waste of valuable space and will mean that you have to compromise on other areas of your baggage.

#4: Accessorize to your heart's content

As we all know, we are in the era of accessorizing. When you head off on a long weekend, this is something that you really have to pay even more attention to. Your clothing choices have been cut down and you will be reusing items, so at least take some accessories along with you so you can easily differentiate your outfits.

Furthermore, these accessories don't tend to take up huge amounts of space in your baggage.


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