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Tattoos are not a fashion trends on seventeenth century. Tattoos are punched for any remembrance of loved once. Favourite places for tattoos are heart and hands. Now a day’s fashion girls and boys are using the symbols of tattoos on his/her whole body of their likely places. 

A tattoo is made onto the inner soft layer of skin by inserting the link to change the pigment colour with different designs, logo’s and symbols. 

Today’s fashion has change the seventeenth century remembrance and tattoos places also. Women done their tattoo on shoulders, backs, bellies, legs and boobs.

Another recent trend suggests the use of more and more vibrant and bright colors - a dramatic shift from traditional dark colours usually black used by men in the past.

Some of the Best Tattoos Fashion Trends 2012 are shown below as Tattoos Pictures.

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  1. I love tattoo. I love them in vibrant colors. I have one at my right arm and the other on my left chest. It is the image of my wife. All the tattoos in the post are great.

    Jarin Mariea

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