Hair Headbands Accessories Fashion Trends 2012

Hair Headbands Accessories Fashion Trends 2012

Headbands Transcend age, trends and style. They are always in style and always will be effortless. Picture this: you wake up in the worst day of hair again, try every product in your arsenal. Without any problems! Slip on your head and you're ready for the day. Tease a little hair on the head or put it in a ponytail. Mystery celebrity trick has been for ages, now it's yours, too.

Check out the feathers on this one. Actually consists of many tiny, dyed feathers atop an oval base, and would look great with little-black-dress type attire.

 Adorn the basic headbands with beautiful feathers for one-of-a-kind accessories. 

Tools and materials Scissors Fabri-Tac fabric glue Scrap Ribbon Needle and thread Button Plain headband Clothespin Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks Feather pad (hackle), or an assortment of feathers to create a Nonstick surfaces, such as the hot glue mat or Leftover label backing paper Fashion headband how-to In order to feather pad (hackle)

1. Select nice looking feathers. Clip the excess Fuzz from around the pen with sharp scissors.

2. Place a small DAB Fabri-Tac nonstick surface. Arranges tops with quills meeting DAB of glue. Let dry for one hour. Peel feathers from the nonstick surface.

Create a Ribbon flower 

1. To sew a Stitch running on one side of the Ribbon with a needle and thread.

2. Pull thread between the sliding strips down to create a flower.

3. Hot glue the Center of the Ribbon flower.

Assemble headband 

1. Look in the mirror with the header specifies the placement of the feathers. Mount feather pad head Fabri-Tac or hot glue and secure with clothespin until dry.

2. Add Ribbon flower at the base of the pen hackle with hot glue and secure with a clothespin to dryness.

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